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CityFolk Festival 2022


July 2022, Zack had the pleasure of playing on the main stage in Ottawa with Sophia Radisch, at the RBC Bluesfest, opening for Alanis Morissette. (Pictured on the right). He got called for the role of lead guitar player. Sophia's music had the spirit of Rock n' Roll, plenty of energy & some killer solos in each song. It was time to shine! Their performance was a success which led to another.

In September, they rocked the stage again at the CityFolk Festival in Ottawa opening for The Glorious Sons.

Full Stage Shot_edited.png

RBC Festival 2022

He started this musical journey when his parents first presented him with a guitar to explore what the muses had to offer him, yet to no avail. Flash forward eight years, Zack first hears Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Instantly pulled him into a rabbit hole. He was hooked. The music was calling him. His taste in music kept evolving. Guitarists like Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Joe Perry from Aerosmith became huge influences. Dualing lead guitar band Thin Lizzy's sound caught his attention. Bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motley Crue, Boston, Alice Cooper did too. Soon Zack was drawn heavily to the Blues since there was always an undertone, a hint of it in Rock & Hip-Hop.

That’s where his love for SRV’s style came into the mix. The raw emotions of these songs was felt loud and clear. He found the sound that spoke most to his heart. He understood it and now could speak it back through the six string.  


Petit Campus 2023


"Being on stage feels like home to me. It just feels right. It sets my soul on Fire. I knew I wanted to be on a big stage since I was a kid."

- Zack Sarkissian -

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While Rock n Roll & The Blues are his main musical influences, let's not forget the impact

his Armenian heritage had on him during his childhood. His parents would often be listening to Arabic & Greek music as well, even though he might not have understood the words, the rhythm & melodies were received. You can also catch him listening to plenty of other styles such as Reggae, Funk, Disco & Classical. When in the studio, he draws from all of his influences to create new and unique blend of styles.

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