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At a young age, he didn’t know music would later become his passion. His parents bought him an acoustic guitar and signed him up for guitar lessons, but beyond having an affinity with the instrument, he wasn’t motivated to learn how to sight read and practice at home. Little did he know that 8 years later, in high school, the sound of an electric guitar would hit him right to my soul. Zack was hooked. Call it teenage angst or just a sound to express how he felt inside, something inside him woke up that day. It felt natural to express himself with a guitar in hand. From angry to happy, Zack could let it all out one chord at a time. The first time around, he was given a guitar. Now, he was being called to it!


Whether I'm on a stage playing or in front of the stage mixing the show, there is nothing like the thrill and the raw energy a live performance can get out of you. It's like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, you never know what to expect.

Let the music do the talking!​


When he's not on his six string, you can find him in the studio producing new music or behind a soundboard mixing events such as festivals, corporate events or live shows. Musician's Institute in LA is where I got to learn and sharpen my skills as a sound engineer. Today, he is the Head of Sound at the Rialto Theater. He has had the pleasure of working as FOH or Monitor at festivals such as Osheaga, Jazz Festival, The Formula 1, International Blues Festival, Wanderlust, Fete De La Musique & Ironman, Les Francos, Lasso & Iles Soniq to name a few.

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